Transparency and disclosure

Caring for Climate Communication on Progress (COP-Climate)

Caring for Climate signatories commit to communicate on an annual basis on progress made in implementing the five areas of commitments as outlined in the Caring for Climate Statement. As such, the Caring for Climate “Communication on Progress” (COP-Climate) is an important demonstration of a participant’s endorsement of the initiative and its objectives. Failure to prepare a publicly available COP-Climate report will result in a change of status (to “non-communicating”) and eventually in the delisting of a signatory from Caring for Climate – a necessary measure to protect the integrity of the initiative.

The Caring for Climate Reporting Guidance document describes how signatories can develop a COP-Climate and outlines the initiative’s policy on reporting. The approach is to establish an efficient process for companies to report on progress and align COP-Climate with existing reporting guidelines and tools.

To view the latest COP-Climate for a particular Caring for Climate signatory, see the List of Signatories and click on the company’s name.

Joint Statement on Climate Transparency and Disclosure

Caring for Climate invites all signatories to endorse an additional voluntary joint statement on reporting that aims at elevating the role of transparency and disclosure on climate performance and progress. Signatories can endorse the statement by sending a few sentences of support to  Progress made against this joint statement should be addressed in your annual COP–Climate.