Responsible Corporate Engagement in Climate Policy

Companies play an important role in providing proactive, constructive input for governments to create effective climate policies. Through the core elements of legitimacy, opportunity, consistency, accountability and transparency, businesses can connect the dots between their sustainability commitments and their corporate policy positions.

What You Can Do

Caring for Climate in partnership with WRI, CDP, WWF, Ceres and The Climate Group, calls on all companies to take a leadership role and commit to engage responsibly in climate policy.

Share Your Responsible Policy Engagement Practice

Caring for Climate and its partners are calling for corporate responsible policy engagement practices that highlight good practices of how business can provide credible, transparent and consistent input for effective climate action. These practices will be featured in a Caring for Climate report that will be released at the Caring for Climate Business Forum at COP21 in Paris.

Please submit your responsible policy engagement practice through the Responsible Policy Engagement in Practice Submission Form and email it to by 28 September 2015.

Commit to Responsible Corporate Engagement in Climate Policy

Through committing to engage responsibly on climate policy companies agree to:

  • Identify: Set up processes to internally audit all activities that a company takes part in that influences climate policy;
  • Align: Work to ensure that all of this activity is consistent; and
  • Report: Communicate on policy positions, actions and outcomes.

To commit to Responsible Corporate Engagement in Climate Policy, visit

More on Responsible Corporate Engagement in Climate Policy

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  • Where Do Companies Stand on Responsible Corporate Engagement in Climate Policy? (PDF)
  • Executive Brief: Are you Engaging Responsibly on Climate Policy? (PDF)

For further information and engagement opportunities, please contact Ms. Heidi Huusko at