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2014 China Summit on Caring for Climate

June 26, 2014 to June 26, 2014
Beijing, China

Organized by the Global Compact Network China, the 2014 China Summit on Caring for Climate will serve as a platform for dialogue and action on the role of business in addressing climate change in China The Summit will convene both Chinese and international business leaders to showcase and scale up efforts on topics such as climate finance, low-carbon technologies and solutions, and ways in which the private sector can support national climate change policy priorities. The Summit will additionally feature the importance of youth engagement in the climate discussion with a view to improve the awareness of climate change among all members of society.

Caring for Climate Business Forum at COP19/CMP9

November 19, 2013 to November 20, 2013
Warsaw, Poland

The United Nations Global Compact, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change secretariat and UN Environment Programme held the inaugural Caring for Climate Business Forum on 19-20 November in Warsaw, Poland at COP19/CMP19 where, for the first time, the private sector joined with the public sector in the co-creation of climate change solutions as an official part of the Conference of Parties. Top executives from leading companies showcased to diplomats, policymakers and world leaders the contributions that business and investors are making towards climate action.

For more detailed information on the event, please visit the Caring for Climate Business Forum website.

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China Summit on Caring for Climate

July 29, 2013 to July 31, 2013

Organized by the Global Compact Network China, the China Summit on Caring for Climate aimed to raise awareness of climate change, disseminate best practices, and enable businesses from China and abroad to tackle the issue together through innovation and cooperation. The Summit, with support from the Chinese government, introduced national policies and regulations related to climate change. The outcomes of the meeting will be submitted to relevant Chinese authorities as well as at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit and Caring for Climate Business Forum.

For more detailed information on the event, please visit UN Global Compact News & Events.

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Climate Policy Engagement Webinars

June 20, 2013 to July 25, 2013

Ahead of the 19th Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC to be held in November 2013 in Warsaw, Poland, Caring for Climate is conducting a study on corporate engagement on climate change policy, together with the World Resources Institute (WRI), the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Ceres and CDP. This study seeks to help companies evaluate, improve and demonstrate responsible influence on climate change policy, as well as to develop guidance material and recommendations for companies to become responsible corporate climate stewards. Responsible business engagement on climate change policy can help steer more action and commitments from both businesses and policy-makers in support of the climate agenda.

Two webinars will be conducted to gather input from signatories on the study. Webinars will be open for Caring for Climate signatories.

  • Webinar 1: 20 June 2013, 9-10.30 EDT
  • Webinar 2: 25 July 2013, 9-10.30 EDT

To register for the upcoming webinars, please send an email to

Caring for Climate Meeting at COP 18

December 5, 2012
Doha, Qatar

Chaired by the UNEP Executive Director Mr. Achim Steiner and featuring United Nations Secretary-General, H.E Mr. Ban Ki-moon and UNFCCC Executive Secretary Ms. Christiana Figueres, the Caring for Climate meeting at COP18 drew more than 60 senior representatives from business, civil society, Government, and the UN. The event offered a platform for signatory companies, Governments and the UN to exchange ideas and to discuss a path forward on concrete ways to elevate existing efforts and to inspire more commitments and effective public-private partnerships in support of the UNFCCC agenda.

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Sustainable Innovation Forum 2012 at COP 18

December 6, 2012
Doha, Qatar

Organised by Climate Action in partnership with UNEP, the Sustainable Innovation Forum focused on addressing actions, solutions and leadership as well as the challenges and opportunities that exist for increased sustainable development.

The UN Global Compact was a part of the plenary panel on Public-Private-Partnerships: Creating Effective Alliances for Building Green Economies. With special emphasis on emerging markets and nations, the plenary session brought together Governments, state companies and the private sector to discuss how to mobilize public-private partnerships (PPPs), highlight best-case examples, and examine how PPPs can both maximize green growth and be scaled globally.

Caring for Climate: Fourth Meeting of Signatories

June 18, 2012
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Caring for Climate convened its fourth meeting of signatories and stakeholders during the Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum. Participants discussed the current progress of the Caring for Climate initiative, the COP-Climate reporting process and other transparency and disclosure issues, and the need for scaled up climate action

Caring for Climate: Third Meeting of Signatories

May 17, 2011
Copenhagen, Denmark

The UN Global Compact’s Caring for Climate initiative convened its third conference of signatories and stakeholders – an event that drew more than 100 senior representatives from business, civil society, Government, the UN and other interests. Focused on business contributions to global sustainability ahead of Rio+20, participants discussed ways to advance the initiative’s current workstreams – climate and development and low carbon leaders – as well as collective ways to address the climate-water-energy nexus.

Caring for Climate: Second Meeting of Signatories

April 10, 2010
Geneva, Switzerland

Caring for Climate initiative convened its second meeting of signatories and stakeholders – an event that included approximately 100 senior representatives from business, finance, the public sector and United Nations, as well as civil society. Coming after Copenhagen, this conference provided an important platform for companies to demonstrate their continued commitment to addressing climate change.

UN Leadership Forum on Climate Change

September 22, 2009
New York, USA

An integral part of the Secretary-General’s Summit on Climate Change, the Forum brought together Government, Business, Civil Society and the UN to discuss how to build positive momentum for climate negotiations and how business can be part of the solution

World Business Summit on Climate Change

May 24, 2009
Copenhagen, Denmark

The World Business Summit on Climate Change, convened by the Copenhagen Climate Council in cooperation with the UN Global Compact and five other organizations was held six months prior to the UN climate conference (COP 15). At the Summit, chief executives put forward recommendations for the next international framework on climate change. The summit also addressed the role of business in helping solve the climate crisis.

Caring for Climate: First Meeting of Signatories

October 20, 2008
Geneva, Switzerland

The UN Global Compact in cooperation with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) convened the first meeting of Caring for Climate signatories on 20-21 October 2008 at UN Headquarters in Geneva. The meeting brought together 150 business executives, government representatives, UN officials and climate experts involved in designing the post-Kyoto climate framework.